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When is a T-Shirt not just a T-Shirt?

A t-shirt is just a t-shirt, right? Or is it? We think not. The clothes we wear have a backstory, and often it’s a rather sordid past! It is supremely important to us that our apparel is not a blight on the environment – that it is both comfortable and comforting, a springboard for adventure, or a cozy accessory for the fireside. Some of life’s best moments happen in a tee, when you are relaxed and at ease, seeking the ability to move freely and without restriction. Adventure often follows! So t-shirts are an important part of our work/life balance! Allow me to make my case for why all shirts are NOT created equal.

The truth is, the fashion industry is sadly rife with human rights and safety violations, as well as environmentally irresponsible manufacturing practices. Barefoot Eco Outfitters is committed to only providing apparel/products made in socially compliant facilities using eco-friendly materials. We are concerned about workplace safety and human and labor rights, as well as having a minimal impact on the environment, and you can be assured that our products meet those standards.

  1. Organic Cotton: farmed without insecticides, pesticides, & chemical fertilizers

  2. Sustainably Grown Materials: bamboo grows exceptionally fast, use less water, is naturally insect resistant, and has long lasting durability.

  3. Low Impact Dyes: reduces water quality impact of manufacturing

  4. RPET: A soft fiber created from discarded plastics. Recyling 1 ton of RPET containers saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space

  5. Water Recycling: reduces consumption and cuts down on water treatment and waste water

But wait, there’s more! Now that you know that our apparel is kinder to the planet (and healthier for you), there’s the added bonus that $1 from every purchase goes to environmental conservation efforts! You can find out more about where that money goes here: We also volunteer our time to help preserve and protect our wild spaces (, so you know we will be doing our best to maximize the impact of your purchase!

Barefoot Eco Outfitters is not just a business, it’s a mission of the heart, a labor of love. It’s our sincere hope that what we do will promote community – that it will bring positivity, joy, awareness, inspiration, and help preserve the wild spaces that we literally cannot live without. We hope you’ll join us in living your own most authentic life!


Tracy Strandness, Owner/Founder

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