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E Ola Nā Hono
For our people and our land. We will be resilient.

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All proceeds go to Maui Rapid Response:

"Habitat for Humanity Maui’s mission is to build decent housing and to renovate substandard housing on Maui in partnership with community volunteers and potential homeowners so that homelessness and substandard housing on Maui is eliminated.

Our Vision A world where everyone has a decent place to live."

The meaning behind the logo
thoughtfully created by Keahi Hooe in partnership with S&P Designs

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“E Ola Nā Hono”

We're grateful to Iwalani Jose and Kamaile Hamada for the history, information and definitions of this beautiful phrase provided below.

Breaking it down:


E: is a command, making a statement (so it’s not suggestive. It’s not “we might”, it’s “we will”).


Ola, meaning: life, health, well being, livelihood, to live/spare/heal/survive/thrive/grow.

Makes whatever word after it plural.


To stitch, sew, mend, patch, adjoin. It also means bay, gulch, valley.

Putting it all together:

We will continue to cultivate our well-beings in all aspects - to help ensure the vibrancy of our people (ka lāhui Hawai‘i), and our land (ka pae ‘āina o Hawai‘i) - and that we will thrive & be resilient. 

More insight/background informationabout the quote:

  • Pi’ilani the Great was a famous high chief of Maui in the 1500s. 

  • One of the poetic names used for the island is Na Hono a Pi’ilani, The Fields of Pi’ilani. 

  • The word “hono” in this case means “bay” or “valley” & Pi’ilani had territory of 6 bays (Honokowai, Honokeana, Honokahua, Honolua, Honokohau, Hononana). These bays were grouped together to be named Nā Honoapi’ilani, The Bays Acquired By Chief Pi’ilani. These bays that he frequently liked to visit also lied along the territory he ruled. He also ruled The Royal Center in Lahaina. 

  • During his reign, Pi’ilani gained political prominence for Maui by unifying the East & West of the island, elevating the political status of Maui Island

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