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There is a Place

I must admit, the recent political developments in the United States have set me on edge. I realize now that there was a certain sense of things that I perhaps took for granted; I believed that as a nation we were, all things considered, on a forward trajectory. This is not a political post, but since it’s possible that one of the potential casualties of the recent developments could be the health of the environment, I have found myself both reinvigorated about the focus of Barefoot Eco Outfitters, and looking to ease my fears.

Nature has always been my refuge. Whenever the world weighed heavily on me or perhaps shook my sense of security, I would head for the hills, literally, and fill my lungs with the air of acceptance, tranquility and renewal. It struck me in the wake of all the current unrest, when the whole world seems tipped sideways, that the sun still rises and sets on the majestic mountains, still boldly casting swaths of golden light across their rugged peaks. The excitable rivers in their glorious hurry to get nowhere and everywhere, still rush on, blissfully unaware of the calamity that rumbles on their fringes. The intricate balance and dance of the seasons still unfolds, and in its vast, unspoken wisdom, nature knows that even in the harsh cold of winter, spring will come again.

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There is solace in that understanding. There is also comfort in the fact that nature doesn’t judge. Nature accepts us, no matter our life circumstance, race or gender. It doesn’t matter what labels the world attaches to us, in nature, they all disappear. We can walk among the evergreens and gaze up at the star-spattered skies and know that it is home to us all. Whether we acknowledge it or not, the natural world is a part of our very soul, and if you go to the forest, or to the mighty seas with an open heart and sit among their majesty, you will feel the stirring of an ancient sense of belonging.

How reassuring that there is a place where the divisions we create have no meaning, no relevance. How glorious that it is accessible to us all. And in a perfect circle then, how hard must we fight to protect it! Nature is the link to our existence, our survival. The finely tuned balance, from the tiny plankton to the robust elephant, all have impact on our ability to thrive. One without the other we are lost.

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So, when the world seems to have gone crazy and life suddenly feels heavy or uncertain; when you feel you just can’t get your footing, remember this: the mountains do not trouble themselves with politics. The trees whisper only delight on the wings of the playful winds, and the rivers sing only notes of harmony with the rocks and pebbles that form their notes. There is a place where the folly of man is humbled by an ancient wisdom that defies words. Go there and be refreshed.

Happy Trails,

Tracy Strandness, Owner/Founder



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