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We know stickers are popular, but we’ve struggled to find an eco-friendly option until now! We’re very excited to offer these striking, biodegradable, earth-friendly wood stickers made from maple wood in Colorado! “But just how sturdy are they?” you ask? Very! You can even affix them to your skis or snowboard!


Here are some other common uses:

Cell phones, tablets and laptops
Cars, bikes, or other vehicles
Water bottles, coffee mugs, barware
Skis and snowboards
Books and journals


All the wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as sustainably grown and harvested, and a little goes a long way! One 8 foot 2 X4 makes 28,000 stickers! Also, the production methods used to create these stickers is far more environmentally friendly than a traditional vinyl sticker. Best yet, unlike traditional stickers, these wood stickers will fully biodegrade! So find the one that speaks to your passion, and stick it with confidence!

Barefoot Eco Outfitters Logo Maple Wood Sticker

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